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What is Zero Angle and how is it different from Zero Range?

Zero range is the distance from the muzzle to where a straight line following the axis of your scope crosses the flight path of the bullet. The scope is typically adjusted so this crossing point happens at 100yds but can be set further out. Because the flight path of the bullet can be impacted by changes in environmental conditions, the distance to that crossing point can vary with altitude or changes in the weather, notably if longer distance zero ranges are used. Zero Angle on the other hand is a measure of the angle between the straight line following the axis of the scope and the straight line following the axis of the rifle barrel. This angle is very small and would be difficult to measure directly but the 4DOF ballistics engine can find the angle when provided with environmental data and bullet impact location. Once the solver knows the Zero Angle between your rifle and scope a very accurate solution can be provided regardless of how long the zero range is or how much the weather changes. Read more about the Hornady 4DOF ballistics engine.

Zero Range and Zero Angle