Kestrel Ballistics Support Page

What are the steps to capture a target with a Kestrel 2700?

  1. After calibrating the compass, use the left or right arrow buttons to set the range. Holding the button will make the range increase quicker.
  2. Press the center button to enter environmental capture. Swing or wave the Kestrel to get airflow over the sensor. Once the temperature stabilizes press the center button again.
  3. Next is the direction of fire screen. Point the back of the Kestrel towards your target and press the center button to do a capture.
  4. Wind direction and speed follows. Point the back of the Kestrel directly into the prevailing wind. Make sure you capture at least 10 seconds of wind in this direction and when satisfied press the center button to end capture.
  5. If inclination was set in the app, enter your inclination angle using the directional arrows.