Kestrel Ballistics Support Page

Getting started with a Kestrel Ballistics meter

This video series will walk you through setting up your Kestrel Ballistics meter. If you still have any questions or issues, please contact The Kestrel Support team.

How to #1: Install the Battery

In this tutorial, we go over how to install the battery and get your new Kestrel ballistics meter up and running

How to #2: Callibrate the Compass

Calibrating the compass is easy to do, as shown in this video.

How to #3: Set Latitude

How to set the latitude to your current location.

How to #4: Create a Gun Profile

How to create a gun profile on your Kestrel Ballistics meter.

How to #6: Capture Environmental Data

Capturing environmental data is what a Kestrel meter does best. Here is how you do it.

How to #7: Vane Mount Applications

In this video, you learn how to assemble the vane mount and how the vane mount enhances your Kestrel Ballistics meter.

How to #8: Calibrate Muzzle Velocity and DSF

How to calibrate muzzle velocity and drop scale factor (DSF).

How to #9: Advanced Features

Find out about some of the advanced features in a Kestrel Ballistics meter.