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Boothwyn, PA - April 10, 2017

Manufacturer to Introduce Fundraising Effort in Precision Rifle Series

Nielsen-Kellerman (NK), creators and manufacturers of Kestrel® Weather & Environmental Meters, and title sponsor of Kestrel Precision Shootout, announces a new event to benefit as part of the 2017 shooting competition. The Kestrel Precision Shootout will be held at Peacemaker National Training Center, in Gerrardstown, WV, April 22-23, 2017.

New for the 2017 match, Kestrel Ballistics is introducing a charitable event to the competition weekend to support, a nonprofit organization that provides US Sniper units with necessary gear and equipment.  On Friday, April 21 training day of Kestrel Precision Shootout, participants will have the opportunity to shoot an actual Kestrel meter off of a custom steel Kestrel Meter PRS barricade. For a donation of $10 a round, entrants receive a challenge coin and are able to take shots at the designated target with every dollar going to the charity.  Entrants who successfully hit a Kestrel meter at a distance of 400 yards will win special discounts for purchases made at  Shooters can also choose to truly test their skills by engaging a Kestrel meter at 800 yards off the barricade – a hit wins the shooter a brand new Kestrel Elite with Applied Ballistics and LiNK, valued at $709.  Additional prizes will be given out to participants.

The 2nd annual Kestrel Precision Shootout is one of the matches in the Precision Rifle Series; a multi-event series that was created to organize a championship style point series race of the best precision rifle competitions and shooters in the nation. The Kestrel Precision Shootout will host shooters who will be faced with targets out to 1,200 yards, using semi-automatic or bolt action rifles with magnified optics.

"We're proud to be a part of the Kestrel Precision Shootout in a way that will help raise funds for our deployed US Sniper units in need," said Dave Jossert, Financial Director of "We appreciate Kestrel’s long-standing commitment to and the shooting community as a whole, and look forward to the continued opportunity to partner with Kestrel on charitable efforts."

As the title sponsor of the match, Kestrel will be displaying their products in the store, as well as on the prize tables.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet and speak with Kestrel experts both the day before, and throughout the course of the match.

"Nielsen-Kellerman has always supported shooting enthusiasts and professionals, from hunters to law enforcement, military personnel and competitive long range shooters," stated NK CEO, Alix James. "The Precision Rifle Series is becoming a place where like-minded shooters can test their skills in the most challenging of scenarios. Kestrel ballistics meters are ideal to help ensure success with this type of shooting and we are very proud to support the PRS and grow along with the series."

About Kestrel Ballistic & Environmental Meters

Kestrel Ballistic & Environmental Meters are designed, developed, built, tested and supported entirely in the USA by Nielsen-Kellerman.  Employed by thousands of users in hundreds of demanding activities around the world, every Kestrel meter is pocket-sized, rugged, accurate, waterproof, easy-to-use and backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty.  Available measurements include wind speed, air flow, temperature, humidity, wind chill, heat stress index, pressure, altitude, wind direction, air density and wet bulb temperature.  Advanced models include high-capacity data-logging with on-screen graphical recall and Bluetooth® low energy wireless data transfer to computers and smart phones as well as built-in calculators for ballistics firing solutions for long-range shooting and evaporation rate for concrete placement. For more information about Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters, visit

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