Shooter Spotlight

Check out the shooters who utilize Kestrel Ballistics to make a difference in their shooting.

In episode 5 of our Shooter Spotlight, we had the pleasure of catching up with Colby Hodnett. We talked more about his plans for Accuracy 1st, the art of overanalyzing, and of course, all things Kestrel Ballistics.

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Previous Shooter Spotlights

In the fourth installment of our Shooter Spotlight Series, we catch up with Brian Sain. Brian is the co-founder of and has been in law enforcement for more than three decades as both a sniper and sniper instructor.

Jordan Glassman is a police officer, a competitive shooter, and he plays an integral role in the Mason-Dixon Precision Rifle Series. There is no denying Jordan’s intensity in his training or his competitive personality, but perhaps his best skill is the ability to serve as a mentor.

In this episode of Kestrel's Shooter Spotlight Series, Mitch Fitzpatrick from Applied Ballistics shares how he got into the world of shooting and his success along the way.

In this episode of Kestrel's Shooter Spotlight Series, Doug Koenig gives us a glimpse into his world as a professional shooter and provides interesting insights and tips that helped him in his success.