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  1. How American Snipers Are Saving Military Snipers

    How American Snipers Are Saving Military Snipers Most of our customers are probably familiar with the name, Chris Kyle. The author of the autobiography, American Sniper (which was subsequently adapted into a film), U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was one of the most accurate, deadliest, and respected snipers in the U.S. military. If you recognize his story, you’re probably aware of the struggles that... Read more...
  2. All About Muzzle Velocity

    All About Muzzle Velocity Truing your muzzle velocity is an important step for achieving shooting accuracy, though I often hear shooters say that they skip it. I've found that the ones who tend to skip that step, are also, frequently, the same shooters that then talk about missing the mark at long range shots... Read more...

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