Everything you need to know about the MagnetoSpeed V3 and why it’s still the No. 1 choice for various shooting applications

Everything you need to know about the MagnetoSpeed V3 and why it’s still the No. 1 choice for various shooting applications

One of the most widely tested and trusted chronographs on the market remains the MagnetoSpeed V3 Ballistic Chronograph. Garnering positive reviews for over 10 years, it only makes sense that the V3 would be the only chronograph a shooter needs in their kit.

However, if you're new to shooting, you may be asking, "What's a chronograph, and why do I need one?" Although a nuanced question, we'd like to break it down into three parts, including why the V3 is the first and only chronograph you should purchase.

What is the MagnetoSpeed V3?

The MagnetoSpeed V3 is a ballistic chronograph designed to attach to barrels or suppressors to give users a more accurate reading of how their rifle is firing. This can be used for various applications, such as hunting or sport shooting, and comes packed with high-end features for an affordable price.

The MagnetoSpeed V3 is compatible with rifles and air guns with barrels from 1/2 inch to 2 inches in diameter. The V3's improved display is clear to read, and tracking inside the app allows you to cut down on time and ammunition spent at the range as well as time in the field, making sure that, if you're hunting big game, it doesn't escape while you're adjusting your scope.

Every MagnetoSpeed V3 package comes with everything you need to hit the range immediately, including the display unit, retractable 6-foot connector cable, various sizes of spacers, a stainless-steel blast shield, micro-SD card and adapter, a spacer kit, alignment rod, and a rugged, heavy-duty strap.

What sets the MagnetoSpeed V3 apart from others?

What sets the MagnetoSpeed V3 apart from other chronographs is its ease of use, longevity, and decade-plus of positive reviews.

Not only do happy customers highlight its flawless design and operation, but some also enjoy its multiple applications, ranging from air guns to mid-size and larger calibers. Others enjoy that the V3 requires little setup and doesn't affect others at public ranges, as you don't have to set it up down range, as well as other perks such as no light sensitivity and little to no dropped shots on smaller calibers like a .177.

Don't want to take our word for it? No problem. The MagnetoSpeed V3 remains the most reviewed chronograph on the market. While there is a laundry list of excellent reviews of the V3 since its release, two of our favorite reviews come from YouTube.

The MagnetoSpeed V3 remains the most reviewed chronograph on the market

The first is from 8541 Tactical from 2017, where he breaks down how to assemble the V3, attach it to a firearm, and breaks down its benefits after using the product for many years.

The second comes from The Hunting Gear Guy from 2022. In this review, he speaks on the V3's usefulness for various calibers and shows how to use it at a range, providing the viewer with the full product experience while continuing to highlight its effectiveness for various applications.

A downside most highlight about the MagnetoSpeed V3 is its price, but for a limited time, you can purchase the V3 for $100 off. This is a deal you don't want to miss, so make sure you order while supplies last or the discount ends.

Final thoughts on the MagnetoSpeed V3

Whether you are brand new to shooting, planning a long-range hunt in the western United States, or need to upgrade from your current chronograph, the MagnetoSpeed V3 is your best option.

When properly used, the V3 allows users to dial in their firearm for various distances while archiving that data for different powder loads and firearms. Not only does this simple but effective system allow shooters to find their settings once, but it also provides them with the peace of mind that those settings will remain true no matter the conditions.

Purchase your MagnetoSpeed V3 Ballistic Chronograph today at its reduced price!

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