Kestrel Meters Critical to Sniper Training

Kestrel meters play an important role in sniper training and operations, supplying all relevant environmental conditions needed for accuracy in long-distance shooting. With instant heat stress index and optional Bluetooth data transfer capabilities, the Kestrel 4000 series also allows instructors to monitor the health and safety of personnel during training in extreme, potentially dangerous conditions.

Here, you can see the Kestrel 4000 attached to a tree trunk collecting weather data during a live fire exercise as part of a 1st Special Forces Group 6-week sniper course.  The sniper team duo pictured below managed to secure an ideal final firing position by patiently navigating and concealing themselves behind trees and bushes.  The Kestrel 4000 was used to gather instant weather data continuously for 30 minutes while the team observed the target area, and input all pertinent information into their ATrag ballistics software on a PDA.  As the only sniper team to achieve a first round hit of the day, they thank the Kestrel Pocket Weather Tracker for giving them the most accurate shot!

The Kestrel 4000 series with Bluetooth wireless data transfer is compatible with many popular ballistics programs. For help getting started or with troubleshooting your Bluetooth connection, please start on our Support Page. If you are a software developer and would like to find out more about software integration with the Kestrel Bluetooth® low energy wireless data transfer series, please download the Kestrel Communications Protocol Application.

If you haven’t already heard, the all new Kestrel with Horus ATrag Ballistics combines all of the above capabilities of instant environmental data PLUS integrated Horus ATrag Ballistics software. That means you get comprehensive, automatic aiming solutions customized for your target and location all in one unit– no PDA required. Depending on your needs, there’s a Kestrel as advanced or as basic as your job requires.

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